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Nicole MacKay - Member


Website: socialsips.ca    Instagram:  @SocialSips    Facebook: Social Sips 


Nicole is a Vancouver based wine consultant and owner of Social Sips. Founded in 2015 and offering a wide array of wine services, Social Sips allows for oenophiles to either start or continue their educational wine journey in a comfortable, approachable and unique way. From guided corporate wine tastings to casual wine tasting parties to 1 on 1 personal cellar shopping experiences or restaurant consulting and trade seminars, Nicole prides herself in reminding people that wine doesn’t have to be intimidating. It’s fun, interesting and a transport into other cultures. Whether it's a Malbec from Argentina, a Shiraz from Australia or a blend from the South of France, every wine has a story. Those are the stories that bring people together and give them memories to last a lifetime.

When not writing, reading or researching about wine, Nicole is busy being a mom to twins and enjoys running and listening to podcasts.

Services offered:

Wine & Winery Reviews
Wine, Food & Travel Features
Editorial Wine Content for Radio, TV, Web or Print
Personalized Wine Tastings and Seminars (corporate, casual or wine club)
Wine Cellar Consulting
Restaurant List Consulting
Consulting for Corporate Events & Functions